Obiz Solutions LLP

Business Model

Established in April 2019, the Foundation to Obiz Solutions' business is to consolidate the ownership holding of the promoters, Madhan Raman & Family in their existing business interests. centralise back office functions, create entities to facilitate efficient financing options and streamline regulatory compliance.


Obiz Solutions LLP is a limited liability partnership tax resident in India.

Holding Structure 


Strategy, Accounting, Current Assets Management, Call Centre Management, Help Desk Management, Software Management, Customer Relationships Management, Purchasing, etc.

(100% Family Owned)

Medeq Techno Management, Zambia

Technical Service

Application Support

(100% Ownership)

International Healthcare Distributors Zambia




Projects Management

(100% Ownership)

Accuare Medical Systems 


Trade Financing

Strategic Supply Partnerships

(100% ownership)

Biogroup Zambia


(100% Family Owned Directly)

Group Reporting Structure 


Mr Madhan Raman

Business Manager - Strategy

(Medeq Techno Management, Zambia)

Mr Charles Nyambe

Business Manager - Accounts & Admin

(Obiz Solutions, India)

Mr Thiru Kumar

Business Manager - Operations

(Accuare medical Systems, Dubai)


Business Manager - Sales & Operations 

(Biogroup Zambia/International Healthcare Distributors, Zambia)

Ms Melanie Rohling

Business Manager - Operations

(Medeq Techno Management, Zambia)


Strategic Statements

Our Business

We help our businesses realize their fullest potential.

Our Mission


Obiz Solutions will be the axis of success for all the group and client businesses by effectively managing the business processes and resources through effective planning, implementation, management, reporting and constantly improving efficiency and profitability.

Strategic Goals

Provide financial and Accounting management function to the group companies.
Manage issues of compliance to statutory bodies of all the group companies.
Provide Administration and General Management Services to all group companies.
Explore and expand the scope of outsourced service functions beyond the stated above to allow for minimizing staff services in overseas territories of the group companies.

Accuare Medical Systems DMCC

Unit No 4342, Business Centre , Level No 1

Dubai, United Arab Emirates


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Contact No: +971 50 539 8900