Business Model

The Foundation to Accuare’s business model is forging formidable partnerships with world’s renowned healthcare companies.


Accuare procures products at competitive rates and supplies to its in-country subsidiaries or to customers at attractive payment terms.


Accuare also invests in capital equipments on placement models and provides options for the in-country subsidiaries to offer the end users with attractive options.


The promoters of Accuare have over 2 decades of experience in the healthcare industry in Africa.

Having developed formidable partnerships over the years and enabling last mile delivery of products and services, the promoters insights is the biggest of Accuare’s strengths.

Accuare is an outcome and a response of the promoters to the evolving needs of the remote patients of Africa.

In-Country Presence

Accuare is associated with local companies in Zambia and partnering with other companies in few other African countries involved in Distribution of medical diagnostics products and provision of technical services.

Accuare is continuing to support these entities in strengthening its capabilities and effectively achieve its strategic objectives.

Accuare has both Management and Technical experts in the ground supporting the In-Country investments to deliver their products and services in line with the Vision of the Accuare Group


Dubai is one of the major financial centres of the world with access to innovating financing models. 

Businesses and governments in most African countries have difficulties in accessing capital at affordable costs.

The business model of capital equipment provision in health-care services have been evolving in recent years from outright purchases to leasing and other innovative models.

Accuare has sound backing of investors with long term perspectives empowering it to provide innovative financing models on capital equipments.

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